Summer 2016

These shoes pretty much sum up my summer. Work, cycling, and landscaping the front yard. The work boots have earned their keep. I was a bit on the fence whether to do the landscaping myself or hiring someone to do it, but the decision was made by the several Park City landscaping companies that did not even return my phone calls. My buddy David is working on a $300,000 deck project (!) here in town, so I guess it makes sense these guys don't want to bother with a lowly 4 digit payday.

Lately, the first thing I do every morning is check how much grass seed has sprouted in the yard. Yes, I'm actually excited to watch grass grow. Ava's been getting a good laugh out of what a lame middle-aged man I've become. I can't argue with that.

Family Reunion

This year's Clandoval was a bit low-key with Bill&Co's last minute cancellation. All in all, short and sweet. Oh, yeah, we went to the zoo - on the hottest day of the year.

Washington DC

A lovely trip, graciously hosted by Richard & family.